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Detective: Murder Accused Confessed

A murder accused allegedly confessed to committing the crime.

According to Sgt. Basil Evans, the officer who interviewed Janaldo Farrington shortly after his arrest last February, said the suspect admitted shooting banker Stephen Sherman.

Sherman was shot to death soon after pulling up to his Yamacraw Shores home on February 17, 2012.

Farrington is on trial for the crime along with Cordero Bethel.

The men are also being tried for conspiracy to commit murder and armed robbery while Sherman’s wife, Renee Sherman is on trial for conspiracy to commit murder and abetment to murder.

Sgt. Evans yesterday told the court that Farrington admitted going to a man called “Timer,” who told him a woman was interested in having her husband killed because she was being abused and because of his insurance.

According to the witness, the accused said the following day “Timer” took him to the home where the crime would unfold.
Farrington was then taken back to his Pinewood Gardens home and given a 9mm handgun, the witness testified.

Jurors also heard that after a while, Farrington’s cousin, Cordero and two other guys “caught a ride” with them from Pinewood Gardens. The men reportedly waited on the corner of the Shermans’ two-storey home.

The court was further told that “Timer” called the men and told them the “guy was on his way.”

Sgt. Evans went on to testify that when the jeep the men were waiting on passed and parked at the two-storey house, Farrington confessed that he jumped out of the vehicle he was in, threw a towel over his face and then told the man and woman, it was a robbery.

According to the witness, Farrington also told the police that the two people got on their knees, threw their hands in the air and money on the ground.

The accused reportedly picked up the money before shooting Sherman and jumping back into a waiting car.
Sgt. Evans’ testimony followed that of Corporal 2586 Jamal Evans, who too testified that Farrington confessed to the crime.

According to Corporal Evans, once escorted into CDU’s interview room, Farrington was informed of his rights, which included his right to have an attorney. He was also cautioned.

When asked by lead prosecutor Sandra Dee Gardiner if the accused had been offered any promises or inducements, or if any physical force had been used, the witness said the suspect “appeared fine. He made no complaints.”

The court heard that Farrington was then asked a series of questions relating to Sherman’s death.

According to Corporal Evans, the accused admitted causing the death of Sherman.
Corporal Evans said the accused, who appeared to have read the police statement, signed it.

When asked, he again told the court there was no change in Farrington’s appearance, he did not complain of anything, there was no force and inducements or threats used.

But Mr. Ducille suggested otherwise.

He charged that Corporal Evans told the accused he “had instructions that Farrington be killed on the road,” that during the interview process, up to six officers were in the room with Farrington and this client was not only threatened but assaulted.

“I suggest to you that he was struck in the chest,” Mr. Ducille said.

According to the attorney, ammonia was poured into a plastic bag, shook up, thrown out and then placed on Farrington’s head for eight to 10 seconds.

“When he made some noise, the bag was taken off and then put back on. By this time, he was gasping for breath,” Mr. Ducille argued, adding that soon after the bag was doubled and placed back on Farrington’s head.

“Through all this ordeal, the suspect decided to sign the statement.”

But Corporal Evans denied the claims, maintaining that only he and another officer were in the room with Farrington during the interview process and that the accused was never threatened or assaulted.

“The suspect signed on his own free will,” he said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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