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Davis: ‘Gov’t Must Go’

Opposition Leader Philip Davis yesterday called for the government “to go” following the Court of Appeal’s decision to dismiss the Crown’s appeal against former Progressive Liberal Party Senator Frank Smith. 

He also renewed the call for the ministers of health and national security to resign for their involvement in the case.

Mr. Davis expressed that it is time for “this incompetent, bumbling, vengeful government to go.”

In a statement yesterday, he said, “We are pleased at the result of this case.”

“Our party’s position from the start was that this was victor’s justice being wreaked by an incompetent, clueless, vengeful government,” Mr. Davis explained.

He added that he believes Mr. Smith’s legal team’s case against the government is “proven beyond all doubt”. 

Speaking to reporters outside of the Court of Appeal, he said, “When we don’t have a judiciary that is courageous and brave in the face of pressures that come from the political directorate, we will have anarchy and what we call a state of oppression.”

Mr. Davis also said he hopes the Crown will now leave the matter alone and “won’t waste precious public resources in this judicial folly by appealing to The Privy Council”.

Responding to Mr. Neil Brathwaite’s request for a date to appeal to the Privy Council, Mr. Davis said, “The fact that the DPP [Department of Public Prosecutions] can get up in the face of the court, of course to be spanked by the court, that in itself is pure politics.”

“As the lawyer was reminded, it was very inappropriate for him to have said that at that time,” he added.

Davis said the process, as he recalls, is that one goes directly to the Privy Council to seek special leave to appeal. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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