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Davis Chides Government On Labour Woes

Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Davis slammed  the Free National Movement Government over recent and ongoing labour woes, charging that  “the government seems impotent and paralyzed to decisively address and resolve them.


“Maybe they are not focused; perhaps they do not know what to do, or they are simply tone deaf because they simply do not care,” Mr. Davis said.


Noting that a strike vote was taken by nurses a little over a week ago, Mr. Davis remarked that it had been the second strike vote in three months by healthcare professionals.


Mr. Davis also commented on teacher’s possibility of strike, if successful with their strike vote.


“In  eighteen months of governance, the FNM government has remained in reaction mode, reacting to one crisis after the other, with little success, if any, to show for their efforts.


“The  labour issues that have reached crisis levels are just symptomatic of a broader issue or the malady that infects this government.


“They are long on rhetoric, PR and describing problems, but short on executing a strategic plan of action to address and resolve problems.


“The  FNM was simply not ready to govern and they find a way to prove this to the Bahamian people day after day,” Mr. Davis said.


Mr. Davis added that since taking office, the FNM has reneged on many of its campaign promises, especially in the case of Grand Bahama.


“No  jobs have been created and no economic activity has been created in Grand Bahama, the island the FNM calls FNM country.


“The  purchase of the Grand Lucayan has resulted in the loss of jobs, not the addition of jobs with the government reneging on and walking back almost every promise they made surrounding this property.


“The  Prime Minister said that the economic resurgence of Grand Bahama was a priority, but to date, he has nothing to show for his efforts,” Mr. Davis said.


Doctors withdrew their services from healthcare facilities for almost two weeks, while nurses, teachers and hotel workers have all filed for strike certificates.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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