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Dames To Criminals: Nowhere To Hide

National Security Minister Marvin Dames yesterday reiterated a long held warning to criminals that there is nowhere to hide.

The no nonsense forewarning followed several shootings in Pinewood Gardens this past weekend that left two people dead, several injured and some residents on edge.

But the minister rests easy that the anti-crime strategies are working “fine” as perpetrators are being apprehended.

“One thing can be assured of and that’s that these criminals will not get away. Just as that incident took place over the weekend, within a day or so, the individuals responsible were taken into custody. There is no hiding place for anyone who feels like they can commit crimes and get away,” Mr. Dames told reporters on the sidelines of yesterday’s Heads of Agreement signing with US-based Oban Energies Oil Storage and Refinery Company.

“We will pursue you wherever you are in this country and that’s a message to everyone whether you’re sitting in a boardroom or in the streets in these communities selling poison to our children and believing that they can determine who lives or dies. There is no hiding place.”

Still, Mr. Dames reasoned that the repeated call for increased manpower in some communities is not as simple as there is actually a greater need for a sense of community.

The public, he said must become more involved in terms of providing authorities with information.

That aside, two plus months into 2018 and the national security minister has still not yet revealed this year’s policing plan. On Monday, he indicated that its rollout is another few weeks off.

“There is a process and unfortunately, the last administration hadn’t been following that process. We get caught up in what’s holding up,” he said.

“The Commissioner’s Report is the Commissioner’s Report. Nothing changes that. They have to now produce the report. It then goes through a process where it’s tabled before the House and we expect to table that within two weeks.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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