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Crooked Island receives $10,000 worth of medical

The Colonel Hill Clinic in Crooked Island will be better able to equip its local patrons due to the donation of vital medical equipment worth some $10,000 donated by the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) in the implementation of a Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd donation.

During a press conference at the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) headquarters, PADF project director Robert Obando represented the organization and commended NEMA for its efforts to provide Crooked Island with the necessary relief it needed however he expressed his gratitude to NEMA for letting PADF lend a hand.

“Some of those items are medical equipment today that we are providing to Crooked Island,” he said.

“It includes a wheelchair, vital signs equipment, and electro cardio magnetic devices that will make life easier and will improve the health and conditions of Crooked Islanders.”

Accepting the items on behalf of the Crooked Island community was NEMA commander of Captain Stephen Russell, who says he’s excited about NEMA and PADF strengthening their relationship.

“We are truly pleased at this time that we can receive these donations,” Captain Russell said.

“I’m quite sure that we are most appreciative from a NEMA standpoint, I’m sure the health sector is appreciative of what you have presented here and the wider health community. As well as the crooked island community when they eventually receive the products over the course of next week.”

The commander said some earlier donations of items such as generators, fuel containers and drop cords were also made by key persons and those donations will not be overlooked.

Much like Mr. Russell equally appreciative for the donations was Senior Nursing Officer for the Disaster Coordination Department of Public Health, Judith Scavella who thanked Mr. Obando and his team for their help.

“Much of our equipment was destroyed and Colonel Hill was extensively damaged,” she said.

“To date repairs are still ongoing but they should they be completed by the end of August. These items that you have kindly given us will be utilized in full at the clinic as they are vital items to have at any facility and we truly appreciate it.”

NEMA says it believes that the PADF’s assistance is timely and appropriate.

Mr. Obando said the PADF over the past 50 years has worked closely with Latin America and The Caribbean to implement projects to enhance the wellbeing of those in need.

Specifically in the last five years PADF has given over $2million dollars to the Caribbean alone.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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