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Crime Scene Investigator Testifies In Goodman Trial

A crime scene investigator who was about to exhibit sealed evidence containing a dead boy’s clothing could not proceed yesterday after she emptied the package’s contents only to find another sealed package inside.

Police Constable Denrea Johnson, who is attached to the Crime Scene Investigation Unit/Scenes of Crime Office, was testifying in the Khofe Goodman murder trial.

Goodman is accused of murdering 11-year-old Marco Archer in 2011.

Ms. Johnson, who seemed surprised to see the second package, told the court that she could not break its seal as it had been placed there by the forensic science lab.

Constable Johnson, who has been employed on the force for nearly eight years and has worked in the Scenes of Crime Unit for four years, collected evidence from a crime scene in 2011.

Some of that evidence included a gray Bob Marley T-shirt, khaki pants, blue/gray striped boxers and a pair of Nike slippers, which she testified to finding inside of a garbage bin at the front of a Yorkshire Street, Cable Beach condo complex.

Originally she had documented that the T-shirt was black, but noted that the shirt was wet at the time and appeared darker than it was. Once dry, however, she said the shirt turned out to be dark gray.

The crime scene investigator said she collected the evidence from a garbage bin, which was located on the western side at the front of the building.

Earlier in the trial before Ms. Johnson was allowed to exhibit the items, Goodman’s attorney, Geoffrey Farquharson objected to their admissibility, noting that they had no relevance to the trial.

The jury had to be sent to the jury room on several occasions as attorneys on both sides ironed out several issues.

Justice Bernard Turner, who is presiding over the trial, later allowed the constable to exhibit the sealed items only to find a second sealed package inside.

During her testimony, Constable Johnson also described the gruesome scene she met when the boy’s remains were discovered.

She said when she arrived on the scene she met a dead boy lying in the fetal position with a plastic bag over his head. She said a foul smell was also emanating from the area.

She said the boy’s head was facing the south at the time and his feet were facing a northerly direction. His buttocks, she said, were exposed and facing west.

The boy, she said, was covered in maggots from head to foot.

A floral sheet that was on top of him had bodily fluids on it, including blood, she said.

She said she also saw the maggot-covered remains of a scrotum or penis.

The officer said on October 3, 2011 she took the collected items to the forensic lab and made a request for a DNA, trace and blood spatter analyses.

Archer left his Brougham Street home on September 23, 2011 to buy some candy, but never returned. Police found his decomposed body days later behind a Yorkshire Street condo complex.

Justice Turner again instructed jurors not to listen to the radio or watch TV during the trial.

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Garvin Gaskin, Neil Brathwaite and prosecutor, Darrell Taylor appear for the Crown.

The trial resumes today at 10:00 a.m.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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