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Crime Down 17%

The 2019 midyear preliminary crime report indicates that crime across The Bahamas is down 17 per cent compared to 2018.

Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson yesterday indicated as much however, what was noticeably absent from the commissioner’s report were police involved shootings – two of which occurred just 17 hours apart this week.

When pressed on the matter, a sheet was provided revealing that police involved shootings are down a whopping 62 per cent as compared to the first half of 2018 which had 13 and five to date.

“Let me spin it this way, there were over 40 innocent, decent Bahamians shot and killed. The police involved shootings that you have seen, you would find in most cases that there is evidence where the person were in possession of firearms and confronted the police,” Commissioner Ferguson said.   

“If you shoot a police officer, he will bleed and he will die, so if you are out there and confronting on the frontline and you are in possession of a firearm, and you confront the police, it is likely that you could be injured.” 

The report further noted that violent crimes decreased 14 per cent and crimes against the property by 18 per cent. Also, crimes in New Providence decreased 16 per cent, in Grand Bahama by 6 per cent and in the Family Islands, 29 per cent.

Overall, rape is down 37 per cent and armed robberies down 6 per cent.

As for homicides, there was also a decrease by 17 per cent. The commissioner attributed this decrease to a combination of efforts.

“I think people are more interested in seeing a safer community. So you find that people are coming forward and people are providing information along with the intentional operations by the police,” Commissioner Ferguson said.      

“Interacting with the public, people are comfortable with talking to the police, so we are acting.” 

Despite the downward trend, the commissioner admits that there is still a fear of crime.”

He noted though, that police are working assiduously to reduce that fear.

“As law enforcement agencies, as community people, which is why I appeal to all persons to not be reluctant to call and say that you see so and so with a gun because it’s your friend,” he said.     

“Guns kill.  You don’t know whose hand the weapon will be in another day or hour. That’s why it is very important to put aside friendships when it comes to guns.” 

The report covers the period January 1 to June 30. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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