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Court Examines Call logs in Smith’s trial

Police Superintendent  Paul Rolle is expected  to take the witness stand soon  in the trial of former Member of Parliament Frank Smith in the Magistrates Court. Rolle who currently heads  the Anti Corruption Unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force is  expected to testify on how the charges against Smith were brought about.

In the  trial yesterday, evidence was produced   showing  that between December 2016 and July 2017,   many telephone  calls on the log presented in court  were not on Frank Smith’s phone bill.

A total of 64 entries were in the log that were were not reflected on any of Mr. Smith’s bills. 

The  Court yesterday  spent a lot of time sifting through the phone records of former Public Hospital Authority Chairman and Barbara Hanna.

Mr. Smith is  accused of extorting thousands of dollars  after  having given her a cleaning contract for the critical care wing at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Former BTC Manager of Internal Investigation and Fraud and Internal Auditor  Marlon Gary Smith testified that there were a number of reasons why those logs were not on Mr. Smith’s bill.

One of the main reasons being that BTC’s billing system is not the best.

Gary Smith also noted that due to BTC’s imperfect system, calls made may sometimes appear  eight  months later due,  to calls being lost between data collection and billing.

These call logs were provided by  Gary Smith after the request was made to him by Sargent 1492 Dale Strachan and Superintendent Huel Johnson.

Frank  Smith is facing 15 counts  of bribery and extortion.  He is alleged to have solicited $65,000 in bribes from Ms. Hanna.

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