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Collie: PLP In Disarray

Free National Movement Chairman Sidney Collie has responded to critics from the government saying that it is the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) that is fractured and is in a state of disarray.

Mr.Collie was referring to Leslie Miller’s comments he made earlier this week saying that the party is in need of some “new blood”.

“The truth is searching for the light among the PLP and it is finally coming out. It must be hard for the PLP membership to receive a dose of reality from their very own, but it was MP Leslie Miller who recently set aside the PLP talking points about their fading hopes for re-election.

“It must have been a shock to their ears when they heard him speak the truth when he said that the Bahamian people will hold the PLP accountable in next year’s election for the continuing Baha Mar debacle.

“It is blatant that the PLP Government has stood steadfast in ignoring problems small and large–Baha Mar – even as the people suffer under the reality of their failed leadership,” Mr. Collie said.

Mr. Collie also responded to Agriculture Minister V. Alfred Gray who on Monday called the FNM fractured and a “scrap-gang”.

“MP Miller spoke the truth, the PLP rolled out Minister V. Alfred Gray to reassure the public that the PLP is working for them. The irony of the PLP having this duo speaking out on their behalf is not lost on the Bahamian people.

“Back then the duo was on the same page. Now there are clear cracks in the PLP’s propaganda machine, revealing party infighting and disarray. Maybe MP Miller and Minister Gray should realize that the PLP’s long efforts focused on enriching themselves at the people’s expense have led to dire economic conditions. While they engage in secret deals with Baha Mar, Moody is breathing down their necks with another potential downgrade of our country’s credit,” Mr. Collie said.

Collie accused the current administration of being corrupt and said their failure to deliver on campaign promises has stifled the country.

“This PLP Government now must reap what it has sown these past four years. Their brazen corruption and startling incompetence has crippled our country and the people are tired of their empty rhetoric and broken promises. It truly seems that even some of their members are finally realizing what we all know,” he said.

The FNM General Convention is scheduled for late July.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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