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Collie Dares PLP to Call Snap Election


After winning his party’s chairmanship race last Thursday, Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Sidney Collie said he is prepared to propel the FNM to victory, as he believes the government’s inadequate performance will lead to its detriment in the next general election.


Meanwhile Mr. Collie, who has been a member of the FNM for 39 years, says he’s excited to be elected chairman of a party that has always put the people first.

Indirectly alluding to claims that “the government is in bed with Canadian fashion mogul, Peter Nygard, Mr. Collie said as chairman, he will “stand firm against the intrusion of eccentric, foreign billionaires who think their money gives them a free pass to do whatever they want.”

“I dare the PLP to try and call a snap election before November and see what happens. Th politicians in the PLP are no fools. They are good seasoned politicians. The PLP is in no position, based on what is on what is on its plate now to call any snap election. As a matter of fact, the PLP is looking for more time to try and get some of the things it promised the country that it’s going to get done. So they’re not gonna call a snap election. But if they feel like it, let them go right ahead,” Mr. Collie said.

The idea of Mr. Collie as FNM chairman, has gone under criticism by some who are of the opinion that the party needs a “strong” personality to counteract that of PLP chairman, Bradley Roberts’.

However, the new FNM chairman said he is very excited about his position, and although not outlining his agenda in detail, Mr. Collie maintained he is prepared to offer the kind of leadership his party is need of.

FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis commented recently that Mr. Collie’s election as chairman is a positive step forward for his party and for the country; adding that the new chairman is a man of great honor and integrity, and a leader who has always put his country, family and honor at the forefront.


“I am thrilled to head into an exciting and important time with Mr. Collie on the team,” said Dr. Minnis.


Mr. Collie’s “opponent”, Mr. Roberts, last week said he hopes the FNM chairman’s experience in the administration of party operations and exposure in the principles of national governance, will assist Mr. Collie in avoiding “the unfortunate pitfalls that plagued former chairs Cash and Pintard.”


Mr. Collie won last Thursday’s election by a landslide, gaining the victory over his single opponent, Mr. Rodney Moncur.


Mr. Moncur, despite expressing disappointment in his defeat, said he will continue to make a difference wherever he can.


“I pledge that if I cannot participate in the political development of the country, then I shall go to Carmichael Road, and help the Haitians who were discriminated against. So I will have people to work with,” he said.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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