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Cash: Gaming Bill Pay Back To Number Bosses

Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Darron Cash is convinced that the passing of the Gaming Bill was simply the government’s pay back to number bosses; however Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts has shot down those claims as ‘old news.’

Mr. Roberts told the Bahama Journal on Sunday that PLP officials have since denied such claims.

“This is not a new charge that is being made and your records will show what the number bosses had to say about it themselves, the PLP denied that, the number boys said that they gave to individuals in both parties, that’s nothing new,” he said.

Mr. Cash alleged that the number bosses invested much in the Christie administration’s victory in the last general elections.

He added that it is for this reason that the prime minister turned his back on the Bahamian people and betrayed their trust despite the No vote from last year’s referendum on gambling.

“There aren’t too much Bahamians who are paying attention to him (Mr. Craig Flowers) because Mr. Flowers as did Peter Nygard as did the owners of The Bahamas Petroleum Company and others got the government that they paid for,” he said.

“They paid for the Christie administration’s general elections victory and now the Christie government has delivered payback for what Mr. Flowers and others have invested, so in providing a return in Mr. Flower’s investment, the prime minister and his government have decided to turn their backs on the Bahamian people.”

Mr. Cash’s comments come on the heels of FML Group of Companies CEO Craig Flowers’ who publically urged Bahamians to avoid demonizing or trying to kill the government for making decisions and governing in relation to the gaming industry.

During a press conference at FNM Headquarters on Friday, Mr. Cash urged Mr. Flowers to exercise silence now that the Gaming Bill is passed.

“They are regularised, they will be taxed and perhaps he ought to see the wisdom in remaining silent and go on continuing to accumulate riches as opposed to reminding the Bahamian people that this government betrayed them,” he said.

“Every day that Mr. Flowers and others open their mouths and remind the Bahamian people of Mr. Christie act of betrayal is a reminder that the general elections of 2017 if not before can’t come soon enough for the people to get rid of this government.”

The Gaming Bill was passed in the Senate.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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