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Cash Confirmed As Acting FNM Chair

Following a unanimous decision by the Free National Movement (FNM) Central Council, Darron Cash has been named the Acting Chairman of the FNM.

At the monthly meeting of the party’s central council this past Thursday, the council affirmed its support for Mr. Cash as Acting Chairman.

The central council, which is the party’s highest authority outside of a National Convention, also confirmed its commitment to holding a substantive election for the position of Chairman at the earliest opportunity following the pending North Abaco by-election.

The party’s constitution confirms that as Acting Chairman, Mr. Cash “shall have and exercise” all powers of the Chairman.

Mr. Cash’s appointment comes three weeks after the untimely death of former Chairman Charles Maynard.

In a statement issued yesterday, Mr. Cash indicated that he will move with “enthusiasm and clarity of purpose” to continue the implementation of the core strategies and programmes outlined by the former Chairman and the rest of the leadership team.

“Delegates to our party’s special convention in May this year elected a talented, diverse and enthusiastic team of officers. Our mandate was to regroup after the general election, remain connected to our loyal supporters, and reconnect with the supporters we lost. Critical to achieving those objectives is our sustained commitment to strengthening our party at every level, and building upon the strong record of accomplishments of the Ingraham FNM Government,” Mr. Cash said.

“It goes without saying that we will continue to keep the PLP Government accountable. We will support them where they do the right thing, and oppose them enthusiastically when their policies are ill conceived or threaten to cause harm.”

Mr. Cash continued, “There are many officers and supporters who want to be actively involved in the process of making our party better. I intend to move with dispatch to engage as many of them as possible—in as many meaningful ways as possible.”

In that regard, Mr. Cash said he plans to ensure that every component of the FNM machinery that falls within the purview of the National Chairman is in gear at all times.

“We will be active and engaged on multiple levels, and you can take that to the bank,” he said.
Mr. Cash previously served in the Senate and on the FNM’s Executive Committee from 1997-2002.

He was also the FNM’s candidate for Carmichael in the last general elections and is said to bring a solid history of service in the party’s leadership.

Mr. Cash also served as national treasurer and vice chairman.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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