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Butler-Turner Questions Gov’t Borrowing

Long Island Member of Parliament (MP) Loretta Butler-Turner slammed the government after the announcement of a $33 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank for reckless spending and unaccountability.

In the House of Assembly on Wednesday, she expressed her disapproval of the newly introduced loan as she says the government does not have a good track record with spending.

She made it clear that she does not support the thought of so much money being borrowed as she said the country is already chin deep in debt.

Mrs. Butler-Turner said, the entire idea is drenched in unaccountability.

“They have proven to be spectacularly unaccountable and nontransparent in the public finances,” she said.

“They are wasting the taxpayers’ dollars. They have made a mockery of the tendering process.”

The Long Island MP did not stop there as she even targeted not only cabinet ministers but also, Prime Minister Perry Christie for reckless spending on unnecessary things including international trip

She called members of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) corrupt as she said their hands are no longer in the cookie jar but they have broken it and stole all of the cookies and are today rubbing their stomachs.

“It just seems as if this government continues on reckless path of using and abusing the public purse,” she said.

“There are excess travels, living lavishly, no accountability, endless travel sprees among the ministries and huge delegations are accompanying them. Just yesterday, Prime Minister Christie went to Jamaica and left in the morning and came back in the afternoon. Which airline did he fly on? I think it’s important for Bahamians to know when our government is doing the business of its people. Did the public pay for that trip or did he pay?”

Mrs. Butler-Turner did not hesitate to remind the government about Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, adamant that it was a waste of millions of dollars and did not even fulfill its purpose.

She reminded the governing party of exactly where that money could have gone; to the thousands hurting from money loss from CLICO.

“Remember we said $9 million to get carnival going,” she asked.

“It started off as $6 million then it went to $9 million and ended up at under $14 million for three days of partying. Despite the fact that it was a financial disaster and didn’t meet the financial target or its target to bring in a certain amount of visitors, they are about to make the same big mistake. This is more than reckless and wasteful when we had $13 million from last year in addition to the money they will use this year. Do you know how many CLICO beneficiaries could’ve gotten some of their investments back from that money? But no, we rather have a big party.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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