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Butler-Turner: PM Selling Dreams On Baha Mar

Free National Movement Member of Parliament for Long Island Loretta Butler said Prime Minister Perry Christie is selling dreams when it comes to Baha Mar.

“For the 2,500 plus families who are waiting to go back to work at that resort, the Prime Minister’s remarks today rang hollow as he offered one excuse after the next,” she said in a statement.

“Mr. Christie continues to offer less than a full understanding to the Bahamian people with respect to developments at the megaresort. What we suspected last year is now clear today, that this Government’s legal decisions had more to do with certain specific interests rather than with the broader interests of the Bahamian people.”

Mrs. Butler said the prime minister, despite countless promises that he was taking these negotiations seriously, never went to China himself to negotiate a deal.

“Were the trips to and from China by the Attorney General and Sir Baltron mostly posturing, geared at giving the appearance of forward movement,” she questioned.

“The prime minister has yet to confirm or to deny the extent to which demands have been made on him to complete and open Baha Mar. The Bahamian people eagerly await a full understanding of what demands or requests have been made to restart construction at this property.

“Baha Mar is too important to the future of this country for us to allow this Prime Minister to continue in his exercise of smoke and mirrors and fast talk and deflection. The country deserves to know what is being negotiated on their behalf, and whether it is in the best interest of the country now and for generations to come.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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