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Butler -Turner : No Pension Fund Without Jobs

Representative for Long Island Loretta Butler-Turner said that is difficult for the government to initiate a new pension reform when the rate of unemployment is so high.

With the current unemployment rate at just over 15 per cent, Butler-Turner says that are too many Bahamians that are out of work and points to the failure of Baha Mar as huge part of the problem.

“We talked about pensions; nobody could actually have a pension Mr. Speaker if they don’t have a job the problem we have today in this Bahamas is that there is such a high unemployment rate,” Ms. Butler-Turner said.

“You look at the other part of the Business Section and you see where people are challenging CCA’s worthiness to own Baha Mar I’m sure it’s an assertion because that has not been said but Mr. Speaker we have over 2,000 plus Bahamian people laid off from Baha Mar that sits down there like a big white elephant and they aren’t even worrying about pension, they are worried about surviving and there is no job prospects in sight.”

Mrs. Butler-Turner also added that there are too many Bahamians that rely on public assistance and the narrative of joblessness is becoming an all too familiar one in The Bahamas.

“There are far too many Bahamians on social services and welfare, there are far too many Bahamians right outside of the doors of Parliament. Mr. Speaker, waiting to apprehend one of those ministers when they exit this place and every one of them have the same story, I need a job, I need a job, I need a job. Mr. Speaker there is no pension without a job that is where we are Mr. Speaker as a country,” Ms. Butler-Turner said.

She also said that there is a grim sense among the unemployed population as they feel like there is little hope for them as far as job prospects is concerned.

“The majority of our people feel hopeless, trapped in an environment when there is no hope in having a job much less a pension plan. So Mr. Speaker, as I take my seat I would like to remind this government that while it’s good to take care of those who are being paid by us the public it is more important to ensure that the public is able to take care of themselves and they need a job Mr. Speaker, without a job there is no pension,” said Ms. Butler-Turner.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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