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Butler- Turner: I Gave People What They Wanted

After pulling out the highly contested leadership race at this year’s FNM convention much was made of the political future of Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner and what were her plans moving forward.

Mrs. Butler-Turner spoke to reporters after a presentation at Rotary West and delved a bit deeper into her reason for throwing in the towel admonishing the fact that she was simply giving the people what they wanted.

“I think it’s time now for the Bahamians to truly have the option what they begged me to give them and they asked me to make sure that I no longer divide the party and so on that I believe we deserve no less than a strong democracy.

“I believe that as we move forward we in the FNM have to prove that we can in fact come together and offer that very real hope for the Bahamian people,” Mrs. Butler-Turner said

Mrs. Butler-Turner also reiterated sentiments issued in a press statement earlier this month saying she is seeking forgiveness from her supporters for not seeing the race through to the end.

“I think a lot of people were hoping that I would truly continue straight to the end, I think I need forgiveness for that.

“In regards to me pulling out of the race if I can get forgiveness for that I will never have any regrets.

“But I think for the most part I’ve been forgiven, probably have a few other people who need to forgive me but I have no regrets,” Mrs. Butler-Turner said

Butler-Turner sidestepped questions concerning her thoughts of Dr. Hubert Minnis as leader of the FNM telling reporters to refer to her statement.

She added that the philosophies of the FNM which she has always believed in certainly still are closely aligned with her and moving forward hopes that party can present the unity the public demands.

Mrs. Butler-Turner also stated emphatically that she will win her seat in Long Island, despite rumors of a possible challenge from Fort Charlotte MP Dr. André Rollins and former FNM minister Tennyson Wells, saying she must be “a really good opponent”.

She also shot down rumors of her turning down the Deputy Leadership post in the Free National Movement and called them just that.

When asked to respond to leadership race developing in the Progressive Liberal Party and DNA leader Branville McCartney who said recently that PLP’s race is just a sham to make themselves look more civil in comparison to the FNM, she said no comment.

In terms of the general rift in the party and asked to comment on it she simply said “We’re working on it”, she emphasized that the party will do everything in their power to defeat the PLP at the next general election.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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