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Butler-Turner Confirms Leadership Run

Long Island Member of Parliament (MP) Loretta Butler Turner says she is answering the call to lead the movement of persons who fear for the future of The Bahamas by running for the leader of the Free National Movement (FNM).

During a press conference held at the House of Assembly Wednesday afternoon, the Long Island MP said she is deeply moved by the support, encouragement and interest of FNM supporters and other Bahamians.

“As a patriot, a public servant, and a proud FNM, the answer is clear: we need a movement- driven by leaders and doers- to untie our people to conquer crime, create jobs and build an education system to shape future generations of confident, successful Bahamians,” she said.

“As I travel the country and listen to Bahamians, who share with me their fears and hopes for the future, I feel more and more compelled to step forward, and to answer the call to lead the movement.”

The FNM leader hopeful says despite the beauty of The Bahamas, the country faces serious challenges but she will commit herself to leading by example with a unique asset she feels the country is ready for.

“I think the difference I’m going to bring is all of the experience I have had thus far both in my private life in service, both in my public life in service and obviously in all that I’ve done politically,” Mrs. Butler Turner said.

“So I believe the country is now ready for someone who encompasses what Bahamians feel. I hear the cries of Bahamian mothers; I can empathize with that; I hear the cries of our children, I know what they want. As well as wife, I know what it is to take care and nurture our families.”

She said that in addition to her experience politically what she has to offer brings whole other dimension to the leadership needed within the country.

Just over a week ago, Senator Dr. Duane Sands announced that he would be running for the deputy leader position in the FNM directly under Mrs. Butler Turner.

Mrs. Butler-Turner flanked by her husband and Dr. Sands said this is a fight she won’t win on her own.

Dr. Sands says his profession has also placed him at an advantage when understanding what Bahamians need.

“To say that I have had a crash course in understanding the things that concern Bahamians is an understatement,” Dr. Sands said.

“In particular, I have been on the battle front of violence and trauma, which is where I have spent the last 22 years. So I believe I can be a very capable complement to Mrs. Butler Turner.”

The FNM senator says as team, the goal is for he and Mrs. Butler Turner to address various issues facing ordinary Bahamians.

He said these are difficult times and it demands a team effort, one that he and Mrs. Butler Turner will provide.

The leader and deputy leader hopefuls are set to officially launch their campaign next Wednesday in Rawson Square.

Mrs. Butler-Turner says the hope is to get the endorsement of every FNM council member.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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