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Twenty-four hard working students from various primary government schools, including those from family island schools were presented with laptops by Paul Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer  of Electro Telecom Ltd. The presentation took place   at the Paul H. Farquharson Conference Center yesterday. Minister of National Security, Marvin Dames said, “ when we all do our individual acts of kindness to help advance the dreams and goals of others, we collectively make this little nation of ours, and our world, a much better place for all to live in.”

He said, “we must guide, nurture and encourage children, because they are our future. 

“Help them understand their significance, their value in life, because one day, many of us will be around to see them lead, and quality of their leadership will depend on how you nurture them in their tender years, that is what is important.”

Mr. Dames  welcomed those students who travelled from the family islands to the nation’s capital and congratulated all of the outstanding students on such an amazing achievements. He told them, “this is only the beginning. Use this experience as a springboard to become better citizens, to become better leaders of this nation, to become people, to become better neighbours, to become good leaders, as well as good followers.

“Use this experience to begin this process of transformation, which is so desperately needed in this country of ours.”

The future of this nation depends on each and every one of you, and you are being recognized today because someone saw in each of you, greatness, take this opportunity to build on it.”

Mr. Dames said that Paul Smith, does not have the largest business in the country, but has donated laptops to deserving students for fourteen years now, even when his business was not doing so well. He commended him for the work that he continues to do in building communities and strengthening communities, not only in Nassau, but across the length and breath of this country. Each year, more islands are represented. 

“To him, it’s more about giving back and being genuine about it.” And oftentimes we’re not;  we give someone something, we want to tell the world, because there is no genuineness about it. But he does this and other things, that he seldom publicizes, and that’s what being a nation builder is all about.

 “Oftentimes we use this term so loosely, and we call people, and refer to people as nation builders, simply because they may be a politician, or some public figure, way up there, when many of them are so far from it, and  are not deserving of the title. But the true nation builders are those people who reside within the communities of this nation, who continue, day in and day out, reaching out in pulling others up. They may not have much, but they understand the true value of building a country, one person at a time.” 

Mr. Dames said that he hopes that more business owners throughout the country will look at his example and help, not for their own personal gain, as many often do, but for the gain of every community within this country.

Mr. Dames said, “the Chinese have saying, that if you’re planning for a year, invest in rice; if you’re planning for a decade, invest in trees; if you’re planning for a lifetime, invest in people.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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