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Breadbasket Items on Probation

The fact that corned beef remained on the list of breadbasket items came as quite a relief to many, who view the meal as a staple. However that  feeling that could be short lived,  according to Minister of Health Doctor  Duane Sands. 

The Minister said  that the item is “on probation” as it relates to the revision of breadbasket items.  Now  we have the  budget debate. Then, we have to continue our tour, and to engage.”

Dr. Sands said that the ministry intends to visit family islands like Abaco, Exuma, Eleuthera, and Grand Bahamas for educational campaign on the initiative.

He added, “the public should expect to see healthy foods replacing unhealthy foods on the breadbasket. 

The minister also said that two issues must be addressed with regard to the list’s revision which requires legislative change and budgetary implications. 

 He said, “the change of what is on the breadbasket now requires only discussion and decision, and ultimately is gazetted by the minister responsible for price control, Dion Foulkes, after consultation.”

The minister also went into detail about the introduction of a Catastrophic Care Plan in the wake of last week’s budget debate.

He  acknowledged that the ministry has been aware of the public’s need to host cookouts to accommodate the medical needs of their loved ones. 

This plan intends to make this a thing of the past  as the National Health Insurance Program will be updated to ensure that the public receives the care they need for conditions like cancer, heart disease, and trauma. 

He said, “we have always been of the view that while primary care services are beneficial and have returns in the long run,  that to provide assistance to Bahamians for these catastrophic problems is essential. 

 “So, the revamping of National Health Insurance moving forward is going to be able to provide to assistance individuals exactly in those situations,” said the Minister.

It is expected that more will be said on the issue during the minister’s contribution to the 2018/2019 budget debate. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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