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BPSU Stands with Post Office Employees

The General Post Office employees, fed up with stifling heat and poor working conditions sat out another day, and Bahamas Public Service Union (BPSU) Executive Vice President Kingsley Ferguson said the union is prepared to sit out with their members until there is some resolve.

Speaking with The Bahama Journal on Friday Mr. Ferguson said the staff at the post office was promised over two weeks ago that they would have some resolution to the heat that causes employees to be under duress.

Mr. Ferguson further noted that with no circulating air, the building interior is susceptible to airborne illnesses.

“We have come to the point where we have to ask our members and staffers at the post office to withdraw themselves because of the fact that the air conditioning system and a number of other working conditions are challenging,” Mr. Ferguson said.

“From 2013, the unit here has been going in and out we’re concerned that the health and safety of the membership is now at risk because when there is improper cooling you would find that airborne illnesses find themselves frequenting particular environments. Hence the membership here has decided that they are going to sit out until such time we get some resolve.”

Mr. Ferguson, in fact, said several employees had chest infections as a result of working under the poor conditions.

Mr. Ferguson noted however, that although the employees and the union understand the importance of the post office and the need to get mail delivered to the populace, the health of those that work in the office is their major concern.

“This particular building has come to the point where it’s condemned and so hence the president has been in dialogue with the government concerning a move; there have been a number of suggestions,” Mr. Ferguson said.

“We want to serve the Bahamian public. The post office is very important.

“We understand the importance of the post office, but to ask our staffers and members to go in there and put their health at risk is a horse of a different colour.”

According to the Post Mistress General Jennifer Johnson, who sat in her office on Friday with two stand fans blowing in her direction, staff was promised a proper working air condition unit   almost three weeks ago.

“We were given some assurances of the repairs or replacement to the air condition system, a temporary measure, but it was an assurance we were given because we do need the air in the building,” Ms. Johnson said.

“Today marks a period in that wait process, a moment in that wait process and the problem is as long as the building is closed the heat becomes more intense. So with everyday it’s more unbearable for the staff and their recourse is to go on the outside to get some relief.

“That is where we are at. It’s a wait process and we’re hopeful that we get resolve quickly.”

Staff at the post office said they will sit out until conditions get better at the East Hill Street building.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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