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BPL Disaster- Company Offers No Guarantees


As load shedding continues to intensify and Bahamians are finding it unbearable, Bahamas Power and Light CEO Whitney Heastie said the power plant cannot guarantee that load shedding will stop, as there are generators that are failing. 

“The challenge we have is with an ageing fleet. Last night, we had four additional units that would have gone down. There’s no guarantee that when those units come back another two won’t go down,” Heastie said yesterday during a press conference at BPL’s Clifton power station.

However, BPL officials noted that construction of a brand new 132 megawatt power station, powered by Finland-based manufacturing company Wartsila will fix the decades-long annoyance. 

That plant is expected to be completed in December. 

During Sunday’s press conference, Heastie also indicated that while the power company understands its consumers’ frustrations, it simply cannot afford to compensate consumers at this time.  

“Our monthly expenditures exceed $40 million each month. Forty million dollars on average is fuel. That goes to Shell North America. That’s based on the price of fuel. That’s nobody in The Bahamas gaining that money,” Mr. Heastie said.

“Over $8 million is spent on paying and running the business every day. Inclusive of that would be the vendors that we are contracted to provide service with. Another $3 million is provided for interest on loans.”

Mr. Heastie added that with all of these expenses, there is no room for the power company to not insist their customers pay their bills.  

He also said the company’s lack of funds is exactly how it’s in the predicament it is in today. 

BPL CEO added that the corporation cannot maintain its resources without proper funding. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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