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BNCP Political Party Launched

The Bahamas National Citizens Coalition (BNCC) on Wednesday launched the Bahamas National Coalition Party (BNCP).

The launch of the BNCP represents the BNCC’s transition to a political party.

The new political party has plans to bring systemic, fundamental and structural change in their first, if won, 100 days of office, and the party is equipped with a 25 year developmental plan.

According to organizing Chairman Andrew Stewart, the BNCP will take the already formidable force the BNCC has had on the country so far to even higher levels.

“This stage of our development has been long in the making from we started agitating for the Bahamian people on the oil issue which transition to the aragonite issue, and then all the natural resources of The Bahamas,” he said

“Our fight is for The Bahamas and Bahamians to receive their just due, and patrimony, which is their God-given right.”

A few of those issues the BNCP will plan to tackle within its first 30-100 days include increasing old age pension, citizenship, national service that aims to propel Bahamian youth between the ages of 13 – 21and mortgage relief among many more.

Mr. Stewart moreover noted that the BNCC’s synergy and relationship with many different groups, non-governmental organizations and namely trade unions will provide the BNCP with the foundation to accurately reach the Bahamian people.

“Going forward the BNCP is always ready an open to accept participation of groups that share a common concern to the improvement of the welfare and integrity of the common people living in our society, especially those groups that share an interest in working to improve the lot of its members,” Mr. Stewart said.

“We believe that such a large portion of our people have inherited rights that are clearly not clarified and supported in the body of our present constitution.”

BNCP organizing advisor Wesley Campbell also stressed that the party will make a concerted effort and has a mandate to take a stand to provide solutions for the problems the current and past governments have left behind.

“We cannot continue down the road that the PLP and FNM government have led us for the last 43 years,” he said.

“Our country is at a crossroad and the time has come for all of us to do what was done June 1, 1942, stand up to save our country from this systemic path that we are on, that is certainly not bringing the positive results to our people.”

Mr. Stewart could not give an exact date on the inaugural national convention, but says obvious progression will be noted within at least six months.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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