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Black women in the Bahamas get Breast Cancer two decades earlier and usually two stages later than most women elsewhere in the world.

This statement was made Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands said outside the Cabinet office yesterday.

Breast Cancer has affected thousands of women and their families in The Bahamas. As it relates to early detection of the disease, Dr. Sands was unable to specify an exact age (range) women ought to start their annual mammogram examinations, but he did explain how age plays a factor in obtaining early detection.

“We have an issue in the Bahamas and I’m waffling on this because the young black breast is a different entity than an older breast, because it tends to be more fibrous and so mammograms can be a little bit more challenging in a young breast,” said Dr. Sands.

Although the internet provides a plethora of information about this debilitating disease, it may not be applicable to black Bahamian women. Dr. Sands articulated why October is such an important month to highlight Breast Cancer and appeals to women to make a concerted effort to schedule their annual mammogram check-up.

He indicated, “When we talk about Breast Cancer awareness, understand that a lot of the stuff you see on the internet, a lot of the recommendations for screening doesn’t really apply to Bahamian women.

“I think this month is a perfect opportunity to restore people’s interest to peak their concern about this serious, serious problem in our community. Certainly, it is the single greatest cause of cancer mortality among women in the Bahamas,” said the Minister.

Unfortunately, Breast Cancer is a horrible disease in The Bahamas and the Bahamas has the highest prevalence of the BRACA mutation, Dr. Sands told The Journal.


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