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Bishop Promotes Medicinal Marijuana

While the public is still unable to put names to most of the faces on the government’s proposed Marijuana Committee, Bishop Simeon Hall yesterday told the Journal News Team that he is  still ready to serve in this regard. 

The government has yet to announce when the proposed marijuana committee would be formed following cabinet’s approval last month. 

Last month the Prime  Minister also indicated that the make-up of this committee and other operational details would be fine-tuned the following week.

Bishop Hall said, “My position is from a pastoral perspective. I believe that we should facilitate helping people who cannot afford medical insurance as best as we can.

 “I think its egregious that in the 21st century we have people dying because they cannot afford medicine or insurance. If you can find the remedy growing in your backyard, then I have no problem with it,” he said.

 Bishop Hall said he believes that there should be extensive study into the matter before the proposed matter hits the benches of parliament. 

He said he  is not one to smoke neither does he suggest it, but he does want the drug to be decriminalized to keep undeserving individuals out of jail. 

He also recalled a recent incident this past week where a young man was punished for a small amount.

He said, “I stood with a young man who had a spliff in his socks, and he was charged x amount of dollars. All I’m saying is that I got the court to sentence him to counseling at New Covenant. That’s pastoral duty, as far as I’m concerned.”

Bishop Hall also pointed out that this controversial herb is grown on every island in the Caribbean. 

He also implied that there is much more to gain from the plant’s decriminalization than lose. 

He said, “the Europeans exploited us with corn and sugar. We must not let them exploit us again with cannabis, and that’s what I’m for without apology.”

He added, “I’m not saying to go out and smoke marijuana. I’m saying if it can help people, if people can find medicinal value, why not decriminalize it?” 

In the coming weeks Bishop Hall is scheduled to speak with a number of clergymen from a number of denominations on the matter.

 He said he is  very pleased with the incremental response he has  been getting and as far as the local/national commission is concerned, he says he’s ready. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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