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Bishop : Church Leaders Causing Confusion

As the date for the Gender Referendum draws near former Anglican Bishop Drexel Gomez is urging a “yes” vote to the four proposed bills and accused a number of church leaders of causing confusion.

Over the last several weeks, there has been fiery debate over question four, which states that it would be illegal for anyone to be discriminated against based on their sex.

“Unfortunately, some well-intentioned pastors have utilized the appearance of the word ‘sex’ in the text of Article Four to make an unwarranted and misleading insertion into the publicly released narrative thereby creating much confusion in the public domain,” Bishop Gomez said.

“These church leaders allege, without offering any factual corroboration that the use of the word ‘sex’ in amendment four can provide a legal ‘back door’ for the authorization of same-sex marriage in The Bahamas, despite the fact that marriage does not, on any logical reading, form part of the rationale spelt out so clearly in the four amendments.”

The bishop said a “yes” vote on Amendment Four cannot provide a legal authorization of same-sex marriages in The Bahamas because the present constitution at Article 26: 4, (8), authorizes Parliament to enact legislation that discriminates in the spheres of marriage and family life and the present marriage Act passed by Parliament restricts marriage to a union between a man and a woman whose status as ‘male’ or ‘female’ is determined at birth.

“Consequently, well-thinking Bahamians must conclude that the obvious fear of same-sex marriage in The Bahamas as expressed by these church leaders is both unfounded in Bahamian Law and in logical factual reading,” Bishop Gomez said.


“Indeed, these church leaders – are in my opinion – obliged to present the Bahamian popular with an unequivocal legal path that leads from Amendment Four to the passage of legislation authorizing same-sex marriages.”

Bishop Gomez said his support for all four of the amendments is based on the Christian belief of forgiveness.

He added that some Bahamians have expressed their intentions of voting no based on a “fear of foreigners”, which he says “clouds their reasoning”.

“To all Bahamian males I suggest that you study the facts and be guided by your conscience and not be influenced by any extraneous factors. Please note that if you vote ‘no’ you will be telling the world that you are happy and content to be the recipient of certain constitutional rights while your Bahamian sister is denied these same rights under identical circumstances. Surely, your conscience should lead you to recognize that such a position is unfair and unjust,” Bishop Gomez said.


“To all Bahamian females, I invite you to realize that a “no” vote is a vote against you own self-interest. In so doing, you will be depriving yourself of the legal right to equality before the law. If you are not sufficiently concerned about your own status before the law, I urge you to give serious consideration to the status of your children with special reference to your female children who will, by your “no” vote, continue to be discriminated against and denied equality under the law simply because they are female. Does your conscience lead you to willingly contribute to such a future for your children?”


Bishop Gomez said he is urging a strong yes to all four amendments.


The referendum is set for June 7.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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