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Bethel Blasts PLP

In his speech where he addressed the delegates at the 2016 FNM Convention, FNM Senator Carl Bethel made it known than the current administration has run its course.

The former attorney general in his speech lambasted the current administration for their empty promises and failed rhetoric and not putting Bahamians first.

“Bahamians have been used and abused by the many false promises of this PLP government. They claimed 10,000 jobs in 100 days, they’re failing mortgage relief program and Baha Mar was supposed to open, but open where? They made up the signs about 490 in four years (In reference to the murder count during the FMN’s tenure), we have 510 in four years under the PLP and it’s a crying shame,” he said.

“Their list of broken promises goes on and on. They have achieved nothing during their administration and the only thing they leave behind is a string of empty promises,” Mr. Bethel said.

Mr. Bethel added that the PLP have been more talk than action and its administration during this four-year period has been tarnished by corruption in multiple sectors.

“They are talking loud and are saying nothing. The legacy of the PLP over the last four years has been nothing but a litany of scandals.

“BAMSI burning down; the Rubis cover up; the dump site deal; and the list goes on and on. The FNM is putting the PLP on notice that in 2017 Bahamians are not going to put up with their foolishness. The PLP has to go and the Bahamian people will vote you out,” Mr. Bethel said.

The FNM senator also in his remarks reiterated his support for FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis –his former Cabinet colleague –as someone with two great qualities all FNMs should take note of.

“Dr. Minnis has two beautiful qualities that all FNMs should take into consideration. The first one is he has a life story that the vast majority of Bahamian people could relate to. So they see in him their hopes and dreams reflecting back to them. The second quality he has is that he is trustworthy. He’s trusted by the average person, the jitney drivers, the taxi drivers and everyone I’ve talked to,” Mr. Bethel said.

Bethel closed his speech by reiterating the phrase a united party cannot be defeated.

Dr. Minnis and his deputy Peter Turnquest retained the leadership posts in the party after the team of Loretta Butler-Turner and Dr. Duane Sands withdrew its bid.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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