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BCP Leader Condemns PLP Over Gomez Attacks

Bahamas Constitution Party (BCP) Servant Leader Ali McIntosh yesterday scolded the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) for the “vicious and vile” name calling and personal attacks on Free National Movement (FNM) North Abaco candidate, Greg Gomez.

The PLP has taken Mr. Gomez to task over his employment record. Mr. Gomez is currently unemployed, yet he is seeking to become the next Member of Parliament (MP) for North Abaco.

“These attacks and innuendos, while aimed at the candidate are broadcasted in the media to the hearing of the children of the Bahamas, including the three small children of the candidate. As a youth leader and children advocate for the past 17 years with the organisation I founded, the National Committee for Youth Renewal and Revival, we have consistently stood and spoke out against the behavior of leaders in the community, being ‘bad and immoral’ examples for the  ‘little darlings’ of the nation,” Ms. McIntosh said yesterday.

“While elections are about winning, the level of integrity and moral standing of any organisation must be sturdy and robust if the people of the country [are to] respect it as credible with the ‘right’ to lead.”

Ms. McIntosh, who is also running in the October 15 bye-election, said the FNM’s leadership must move quickly to correct its own integrity issues if it is to be taken seriously.

She said the fact that both FNM Chairman Darron Cash and FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis have come out in support of Mr. Gomez despite the “firestorm of allegations” speaks to the FNM’s lack of commitment to the rule of law.    
“The FNM leadership is sadly mistaken if they believe that the people of North Abaco are not concerned about these controversial issues concerning its candidate and they must not respect the people of North Abaco to continue to offer the candidate for consideration, regardless of its inability to refute beyond reasonable doubt the accuracy of these multiplicity of issues,” Ms. McIntosh said.

“Both Dr. Minnis and its leadership will lose all credibility if they seek to conceal their involvement in the cover-up of these integrity issues and move on. They will save whatever credibility they have left by conceding defeat and withdrawing its candidate.”

She said both leaders of the PLP and FNM have displayed “less than honourable behavior” in a bid to win the bye-election with no concern that their behavior has offended the people of North Abaco and Bahamians at large.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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