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The Chief Executive Officer of  Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation  Edison says  he is unable to give the Minnis administration  a grade on performance after a year in office. 

Mr.Sumner  was  responding to the questions at a  press conference Monday  when he said,   “we are still assessing.  We know that there are a number of policies and programs that have been  implemented,  mainly programs carried on from the previous(PLP)  government .” 

Mr. Sumner spoke of  initiatives already being taken. “Understanding that as a new government, they took some time to get their feet wet. We’ve seen some measures taken, some initiatives being implemented;  many of which the chamber has spoken to,” he said.

Some   Bahamians  are asking the question ,  what has the FNM government  done so far. Sumner outlined  some of the things, he said  that the governing party has done and been working on.  “ Issues  relative to looking at some initiatives the government has in place for reviewing tax infrastructure for the country,  public procurement and financial sectors put in place, they are advancing that from the previous governing party and that is something we can applaud them for.

  “We like the way the issuing of government contracts is progressing. The government initiated the citizen security and injustice program continuing from previous administration… and forward movements on the national apprentice program.”

He said, “we are looking forward to seeing draft of the budget before it is presented to Parliament.  We’ll see how much of the recommendations  were put into budget. Once those things have been put into the budget,  then we’ll know that the government is serious about moving things forward.”

Sumner continued, “this is not an easy country to run, it is indeed a difficult one.

As far as actual governance is concerned, we know that the government, just like any other government has met with a number of challenges. Some still being worked through, like environmental issues.  I wouldn’t stand at this point and give the government a grade.  It’s a complex thing. I’ll simply say the chamber is working with the government  on a number of things,”  said Mr. Sumner.

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