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Ballot Boxes Tampered

One day before the 2017 general election, Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Pinewood candidate Lincoln Bain expressed his concerns surrounding the early tampering of ballot boxes.


The Bahama Journal was at the Parliamentary Registration Department yesterday when Mr. Bain made the announcement that four ballot boxes had been breached.


“I had to inquire for them to admit that four boxes were open already,” he said.


“The parliamentary commissioner just admitted to the PLP (Progressive Liberal Party), DNA and the FNM (Free National Movement) that four of the boxes from the advance poll were already opened and they opened them without the knowledge of the opposition. This is a travesty. This is democracy and we are trying to be stolen.”


Mr. Bain added that a few weeks ago he had told the public that boxes from Mt. Moriah were breached, but those cries went unheard.


“They will not steal this democracy,” he said. “This is evil at its best.”


According to DNA Leader Branville McCartney, moving forward, changes need to be made and under the DNA change would come.


“What we are going to do when we become the government God willing, we are going to change the process in terms of the antiquation,” Mr. McCartney said.


“We’ve seen throughout the process of this voting process the amount of concerns that has transpired.”


Repeated calls were made to the Parliamentary Registration Department on the issue.


However, up until press time there was no response to the allegations.


Meantime, Mr. McCartney has promised to make the claims known to the international election observers.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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