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Bahamians Too Late

Hours after the “election bell” had rung yesterday scores of Bahamians including students from overseas attempted to register a day after the deadline.

Officials from the Parliamentary Registration Department told The Bahama Journal that such individuals were turning up with those hopes up to after 11a.m.

The Bahama Journal spoke to Bahamians of varying demographics, some of whom had the desire to register, but took too long to make an attempt.

There were also those who were simply not interested.

“Honestly, I just wasn’t interested. Until I see a change in the way this country is governed, I refuse to register to vote. Even though people say register to vote because that’s the only way you’ll have a say; honestly you still don’t have a voice or a say because the governing party still does whatever it wants to do to the smaller man,” said a 48 year old Bahamian woman.

“I think once they sit down and listen to the smaller man, this country would be a whole lot better,” she added.

Another woman admitted that she registered about two months ago, but at this point, she said she will not be voting in the upcoming general election.

“I live in the South Beach Constituency and I have yet to see the MP and candidates for the area, DNA, FNM or PLP,” she said.

“There’s nothing worth voting for. Whoever wins, wins. Whoever loses, loses. It’s no big deal for me,” she added.

Meantime, a 25 year old man told the Journal that he has also registered recently, but he is not really interested in voting.

“I registered to vote as a result of pressure from my family. I wasn’t really interested in voting. This is due to the mere fact that since growing up, it’s only been two parties back and forth just interested in who’s going to run the country,” he said.

“At the end of the day they knock on your door, selling all kinds of promises and they never really fulfill these promises,” he continued.

“That really turns off someone who is coming up as a part of the new generation of voters. I may decide to vote, but it doesn’t look promising right now,” he said.

“The country needs leadership new and refreshing, more innovation,” he added.

General Elections are set for May 10th.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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