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Bahamian Rapper Attracts Thousands Online

By online video views alone, Bahamian rapper Shon Millz, born Owen Elliot, could fill the Thomas A Robinson stadium three times.

With over 60,000 video hits on YouTube, Shon Millz’s has a virtual fan base that reaches beyond Bahamian shores.

His style is being compared to more seasoned hip hop artists. Some say he is a cross between T.I. and Drake.

Not to be confused with a young rapper freestyling on your radio, Shon Millz has certainly separated himself from the rapper stealing beats to the musical artist worth listening to.

Just ask his thousands of subscribers and online fans.

His singles, such as “She Know She Bad” and “Number One Fan” combined pulled in 50,000 hits.

“I believe that I have great talent. My online fans are a testament to that. I believe that I can be a force to come across within the venture of music industry,” Shon said.

Inspired by his parents’ separation when he was a year old, Shon Millz began rapping at age 11. He used music to promote happiness and meaning in his life.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Shon Millz released his first mixed tape in 2008. His first single, “She Know She Bad,” from his upcoming album, is gaining attention from around the world.

Although unsigned, Shon Millz is attracting several A&R agents, including Bahamian singer and producer, Margaret “Believe” Glynatsis, A&R Director of Veal-Steen Music Publishing-Bahamas division.

“His sound is definitely unique to what we hear in The Bahamas. He could very well be a cross over artist into the pop culture movement,” said Ms. Glynatsis.

Shon Millz is getting attention from independent labels, as well.

To hear more, visit his Facebook or Youtube pages, both tagged by “ShonMillzMusic.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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