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Bahamasair Revenue Improves

Bahamasair’s Managing Director, Tracy Cooper  says there has been  a ten  to fifteen per cent improvement in the overall revenue of the national flag carrier.

Bahamasair has extended their  flight schedule  to other countries. Speaking with the Bahama Journal  on  the airline’s inaugural flight to Houston, Texas, Mr. Cooper said, “starting from the beginning of this year, we have expanded into  Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as well as Cape Haitian.  We also have Chicago on the radar for January 2018,” Mr. Cooper said.

While Bahamasair has made  great efforts to continue expanding their flights to other parts of the world, Mr. Cooper stated that they have to be mindful not to overwhelm themselves.

“We have to be careful just how much we expand, simply because we will be busting at the seams a bit, based on our aircraft count.”

Bahamasair has acquired five new one year old ATR turbo props and three Boeing 737 Jets which are  operated primarily for all international flights.

In the near future, Bahamasair is also looking to improve its  fleet. “We’re looking to upgrade our present fleet in the immediate future, simply because the airplanes are starting to feel their  ages,” Mr. Cooper further explained.

Once the fleet has been improved, Bahamasair eagerly looks forward to more expansions.

Bahamasair was in preparation for this flight  eight months ago as the executive management committee waited for approval from the board of directors.

Chairman of Bahamasair, Orville Tommy Turnquest told the Journal, “The executive management committee decided that they would look at Houston and also Chicago.”

Mr. Turnquest also stated that executive management got approval from the board of directors back in March, prior to him taking office as Chairman in July.

“I took a second look at it around August, but then we went on pause when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, but then decided that Houston was recovering quickly.

“With teams on the ground in Houston and the assistance of or industry partners and the Ministry of Tourism, I thought,  it was something we should continue to try,” said Mr. Turnquest.

Bahamasair pride  itself  on providing good service and Mr. Turnquest said, that is has  the support from Bahamians living in Houston and visitors travelling though Houston to The Bahamas. He said  the key is to generate as much tourism to The Bahamas and the inaugural flight on Wednesday was  another step forward in this endeavour.

After a smooth two hour flight to Houston, Texas,  Bahamians were greeted with a Junkanoo rush out in a  welcome reception which was held at The Marriott Hotel where  Bahamasair officials gave  remarks.

The official ribbon cutting ceremony was held in the George Bush International Airport departure lounge before Bahamians, along with the  international press.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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