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Bahamas Humane Society Teams Up for Jubilee Assistance

Alongside government officials yesterday, was the Bahamas Humane Society took up its position in responding to phone calls of stray animals and endangered pets.


Chief Inspector Manager Percy Grant teamed up with others in assisting the residents of the Jubilee Gardens area, but specifically for the pets of families.


“We will be taking food and identifying the need to put down water and food for animals that have been displaced.”


The Humane society has taken in seven animals due to the widespread inferno Sunday evening.


Inspector Grant is urging Bahamians to be careful as they are driving due to a number of pets being injured due to hit and runs.


“Please be vigilant they noticed about three animals that been hit by cars, and I’m sure due to the lack visibility I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, but we are asking people to please drive slowly.” Grant said.


People should be paying attention to any kind of respiratory issues, breathing or local terminology shortness of breath. They should contact their vets or the Humane Society.


Inspector Grant and the Humane society team will continue to provide their efforts in securing any animals due to the fire.


If you need to reach the Bahamas Humane Society for any further assistance, be sure to call

323-5138/ 325-5172


Written by Jones Bahamas

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