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Bahamas Chamber of Commerce Assists Small Businesses

edison-sumnerBahamas Chamber of Commerce Chief Edison Sumner says that many small businesses have been without the necessary utilities since Hurricane Matthew and this has affected them greatly as they cannot get back to business as quickly as they would like.

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce realizes that the impact of Hurricane Matthew has been significant on the local merchants and is doing all it could to assist local businesses back to their feet.

“We do have to bring support to the business community, they are the ones who drive the lifeline and have become the life blood for the economy.” Mr. Sumner said.

“We have to do all that we can to encourage their growth, redevelopment and rebuilding. Incentives have been put in place to spur their redevelopment along.”

This, he said, is in reference to the Exigency Order that Prime Minister Perry Christie recently approved and signed that is expected to alleviate some of the pressure of taxes and VAT from merchants and consumers rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew.

Mr. Sumner further encourages small and medium businesses, especially, to take advantage of the Exigency Order.

He noted that restorations and repairs on small and medium business will take place throughout the country; however, there will be more focus on New Providence first, as the capital and center of trade and commerce.

To further assist the rebuilding efforts of small businesses, Mr. Sumner encourages locals to shop at home.

“There will be the temptation, naturally, for people to fly abroad and purchase their products and merchandise, but we would like to encourage consumers and merchants to shop at home, support small businesses in the country so that we can spur on and continue the economic activity in the economy throughout the Bahamas.

“We are working with the government now, with Ministry of Finance, NEMA, Rotarians and other approved agencies to begin raising funds and support for small businesses and other residents across the country who were impacted by Hurricane Matthew.” Mr. Sumner said.

Assessments of small business impacted by Hurricane Matthew are being done by the Chamber assisted by Small Business Help Facilities persons, as protocol has been put in place to gather information to assist in rebuilding the small business communities.

Communications and information will be sent out to these businesses via print media as many persons are still without certain utilities that would allow them to access information otherwise.



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