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Ash told to ‘Confess Sins’

Lead defense attorney Keith Knight, QC, continued his cross examination of key witness Jonathan Ash on Wednesday and suggested to the witness that he was dishonest for a number of reasons.

Knight indicated to Ash that he was dishonest because of the immunity agreement signed the day before he gave his statement to police, because his bank account was frozen just before the trial started and to protect Deborah Bastian.

To that, the star witness responded no and added that he and Bastian had an okay relationship, but that Bastian and Gibson had an even better relationship. In fact he said former Cabinet Minister Shane Gibson brought her back to the National Insurance Board.

 Knight then asked Ash if he had evidence of this and Ash said she told him this.

The Jamaican QC then asked Ash if he ever heard the following phrase, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and He will cleanse us of all unrighteousness.” To that Ash said yes, that’s the Bible.

Knight then told him to confess his sins because what he testified before the court was a lie.

Ash replied, “I am not lying.  You are lying for Mr. Gibson.” 

The Jamaican QC then referenced Ash’s previous testimony where he said Gibson suggested he give a contribution to a list of PLP candidate’s campaign and asked him if he contributed money to Gibson’s campaign.  Ash said no.

Knight then asked Ash if he gave Gibson three contributions to his campaign and Ash again said no sir.

The lead prosecutor then asked Ash if while he was allegedly paying bribes to Gibson, he was assisting him with his campaign. 

Ash replied, “When your hand is in the lion’s mouth, you don’t just yuck it out, you take your time.” 

Knight then said to the contractor, “Every single time you have said Gibson demanded money from you is false.  Every single time you have said Gibson accepted money from you is false and every single time you said Gibson met you in various locations to receive money from you for a bribe is false.” 

To all of these points a visibly agitated Ash said no sir. The lead defense attorney also questioned Ash about customs infractions. 

Knight told the court that on June 13, Ash had difficulties with the customs comptroller, adding that the comptroller found that he submitted a false declaration of entry.

Knight asked if it meant he didn’t tell the truth, to which Ash replied “no sir.” 

Knight further told the court that on another occasion, High Rollers Trucking had some difficulties with goods imported and asked if he gave a false invoice.  Ash said yes. 

The Jamaican QC then asked Ash if he would agree that on a number of occasions he provided false information to agents of the state and Ash said “at some point.” 

Knight then informed the contractor that he’s suggesting that Ash submitted false information to the police in relation to Gibson and Ash said “no sir.” 

Knight moved to questioning Ash about text messages between himself and Prophetess Mattie on June 24, 2017.

Ash quickly replied, “Why you even bring that up? She ain’t have nothing to do with this case.” 

The lead defense attorney put to Ash if he recalled sending her this text, “Good morning mam, just want to thank you for every word you gave to me. 

“My lawyer wants to speak with me at 10. I will inform you of what they say.  I don’t know what they want.” 

Knight asked if that was in relation to him going to police, as this was a few days before his signed statement and immunity agreement.

Ash told to ‘Confess Sins’To that Ash said, “I don’t recall sir.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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