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ALIV partners with Tech giant Apple

ALIV Communications Provider has partnered with multinational technology giant Apple to launch a coveted item this Christmas, the iPhone 10. Also known as the iPhone X, it will be available in stores on December 15th. ALIV made such announcement yesterday during a press conference held at their headquarters.

After numerous requests to bring the phone to The Bahamas, ALIV worked arduously behind the scenes to become an Apple certified network.

ALIV now has access to the latest Apple technology, according to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Damien Blackburn.

He said “we now have access to the latest Apple models. We announced on Friday that we have the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in stores and this is the next announcement coming hot on the heels.

“So, December 15th is the big day when iPhone X will appear in the Bahamas in the ALIV stores.

“It’s a major achievement for us and we are one of the smaller networks in the World. We’ve been working hard with Apple over the course of the last six to twelve months to ensure that we pass all their rigorous requirements,” Mr. Blackburn said.

ALIV Chief IT Director, Dwayne Blackburn explained how to set up the new iPhone 10 after purchasing one.

“In setting it up, all I had to do was take any iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, place it close to the phone and everything automatically transferred; it has face recognition.”

Mr. Davis continued, “The longest single test with the transfer of information was the WhatsApp. WhatsApp is very important to everyone.”

Once registering and preparing for the new phone, the first advice Mr. Davis offers is to ‘back up’ your WhatsApp messages.

Once done, delete the WhatsApp application, reinstall it then restart the phone; everything from previous WhatsApp messages will appear on the new iPhone.

Total pricing for the new iPhone has yet to be confirmed, but ALIV is exploring monthly payments which will cost a customer no more than fifty dollars per month, with a down payment included at the onset.

The length of the monthly payment will be between twelve to twenty-four months.

All call to the United States and Canada are included in all of ALIV’s packages.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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