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Airport Maintenance Services Launched

Bahamas Striping has inked a two-year partnership with an international company to launch Airport Maintenance Services – a company keen on providing tarmac maintenance services for the nation’s airports and hopefully airports worldwide.

The partnership is with Hi-Lite – a New York based airport maintenance company, which services 20 countries.

President of AMS Atario Mitchell spoke about the importance of the agreement.

“In the agreement it specifies that our guys would be able to travel worldwide. They even extended an invitation to us that if we are ready we can go to Mexico next week. It is pretty much getting our guys in the maintenance field on a worldwide level,” he said.

“As a company we are always looking for a niche market to get into in reference to road maintenance and a branch as airport maintenance. The government is in the process of trying to acquire our airspace and once they are successful in doing that then the FAA will really be stringent on the government so I thought that it would really be a good market to get into and the proactive measure was to get the airports up to standard before the government gets control of the airspace.”

President of Hi-Lite Global Corporation John McNeely said the partnership is beneficial to both companies.

“It’s an opportunity to expand our role in the Caribbean and we were looking for a partner in The Bahamas that shared our passion for airport safety. With Atario and his team, we want people that not only want to employ locals but they want to be trained in the services that we offer in regards to runway safety,” he said.

State Minister for Transport Hope Strachan also spoke about Bahamas Striping achievements.

“We heard that as young a company as you are, you’ve already shown that you have a great heart that is from philanthropy and charity. I think that bodes very well for you because you are making all of the right moves. I think you have been able to focus on an area. I believe that is going to provide you with a great inventory for business. I believe that your vision that you would have had three years ago is so significant and it is so awesome because there are so many young people in our country who are looking for business opportunities,” she said.

“Sometimes it is very difficult for them to see the viability of a particular type of business which would lead them down the road to success. The airports are so important to us because it is not only the means for transport and communication but it also provides us with the delivery of goods and services to our people.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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