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AG: PM Will Win Leadership Hands Down

2016-08-23-PHOTO-00004691Many of the persons in the party and the Prime Minister’s cabinet have openly supported the PM in his re-election bid and that tune continued yesterday as both Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson and MP for MICAL V. Alfred Gray indicated that PLP’s candidate for Fort Charlotte Alfred Sears stands no chance in the upcoming leadership race.

“The Progressive Liberal Party is not just a political party but it’s a movement it is in the hearts and souls of the Bahamian people, more importantly it is a democratic movement.

“To the extent that someone may want to run for any position in the party that has always been their right.

“But I’m quite sure Mr. Christie will win hands down and I’m looking forward to him retaining.

“I’m firmly believe that he is the man for the job,” Ms. Maynard-Gibson said

“My personal view is that he will not succeed, Mr. Christie is entrenched as the leader of our party

“I don’t think that at this late stage so close to the election the party is going to reflect and change its leadership to accommodate Mr. Sears.

“I expect that he will get some votes but winning it is a long shot.

“With him being my friend I would have personally advised him not to run to lose,” Mr. Gray said.

A large number of persons were shocked to say the least last month when Alfred Sears announced he will be challenging Prime Minister Perry Christie for leadership within the Progressive Liberal Party, with many questioning if the move was just a political ploy to make the PLP seem more “civil” in comparison to the FNM.

To which Mr. Gray said that isn’t the case.

“I don’t think it is a “sham”.

“I do not think that Mr. Sears would run to please somebody else, from all appearances Mr. Sears is serious.

“I think the Prime Minister takes his running against him seriously but I think the prime minister is confident he will emerge as the leader,” Mr. Gray said.

Last month, while a guest on radio talk show “Darold Miller Live” with host Darold Miller, Mr. Christie brushed off speculation that he may be ousted as leader of the PLP by Mr Sears because of voter frustration with the current administration. Mr. Christie said his record and his value would ensure his re-election at the party’s convention in November


Written by Jones Bahamas

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