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AG: Opposing Views to Gender Bills Will Be Struck Down

The office of the attorney general has sought international opinion on the opposing views that have been thrown against the gender equality bills, in particular, bill number four that seeks to end discrimination based on sex.

Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson told The Bahama Journal that this opinion from an international attorney only proves that the arguments against the bill will not stand a chance in local or international courts.

“The Constitutional Committee has asked the office of the Attorney General to obtain an opinion from leading UK Counsel and constitutional law Michael Belhoff, Queen’s Council, and he has written an opinion addressing the issues raised by Marco City MP Greg Moss, illustrating very clearly that almost everything that he has said, all of his objections, will not withstand the scrutiny of any court,” she said.

“If they went all the way to the Privy Council his objections will be struck down as not having any strength in law at all.”

Mrs. Maynard Gibson said the opposition to the bills has only been used as a distraction from the main agenda at hand.

“We really hope that people will recognise that equality is something that is so obvious and fundamental that we really should not have to argue about it at all,” she said.

“It’s a distraction ticking away for those who don’t believe in equality to throw up a red hearing distracting from a very important cause for our society, especially our future generations. It is very important.”

Marco City MP Greg Moss has been vocal in opposition to the bills and earlier this year he vowed to personally campaign against bills number two and four.

He along with others, who have expressed opposition to bill number four, has requested that “at birth” be added to it to allay fears of the bill paving the way for same sex marriages.

Prime Minister Perry Christie previously said that he wants the referendum on gender quality to be held by the end of June.

The gender equality bills are still at the committee stage in the House of Assembly.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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