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Aeropost to Offer Carrier Services

Journal Staff Writer

The shopping company Aeropost is about to branch out into freight carrier services in The
Bahamas, just in time for the holidays that are quickly approaching.
According to the company’s owner Sebastian Bastian, some revamping has been done.
“So, since the acquisition, you know, we’ve done a lot of internal housekeeping with the
organization and we’ve upgraded a lot of the legacy technology, right size the team and all of the
various countries that we operate in,” he said.
“And definitely on the verge of making some several major announcements with some strategic
and large companies that we will be distributing on behalf of for the Caribbean and Central
America regions.
“What I can say, as it relates to The Bahamas market is that we are going to offer forwarding
services for the first time since we’ve entered The Bahamas market and that will start in
September, next month.”
While acknowledging that the country has many freight forwarding services, he said, Aeropost
will have a unique niche that sets them a part from the competition.
“Aeropost is one of four companies in the state of Florida that has its own zip code,” he
“And that zip code is a tax-free zip code. So, when you are issued an Aeropost address, U.S.
address, to make your purchases and subsequently have them shipped to The Bahamas on behalf
of us, the sites that you shop on would not even charge you tax because it’s a tax-free zip code.
“So shopping, when you shop all over the dot coms that you want to go on, at checkout you
won’t be charged tax. So, imagine you’re going to have a seven percent savings just by shipping
with Aeropost.
“Before we even get to the service differentiator that we would have as well as you know, we
have the largest smart parcel locker footprint in the country.
“We have over 25 locations and no matter where you live in this country, you’re less than a
quarter mile away from a smart parcel locker that most of them are open 24 hours a day so you
don’t have to rush 6 p.m, to catch a freight forwarder’s address.”
Unfortunately, this service will not be available on the Family Islands, but Mr. Bastian said it is
coming soon.

“Not yet, not yet, he said. You know, we like to, before we expand, we like to perfect.
“So, once we perfect our supply chain here in Nassau, I’m pretty sure like Clockwork, the family
islands will follow suit.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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