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Administrators: Teachers Will Focus on Crime

Two senior administrators at government schools in New Providence said they are taking steps to deal with students who will come back to school on Monday having experienced challenges in their communities, particularly with regards to crime.

School officials said they are often faced with many children who have either lost parents to violent crimes or other family members.

Vice Principal of T.G. Glover Primary School Jermaine Butler told the Bahama Journal what administration and faculty plan on doing once students return to school on Monday.

“The reality is that these things take place even if we don’t see them or experience them,” he said.

“We know our children are impacted by crime. Initially we are going to have a walk-about with Urban Renewal police officers and go through and meet the parents and children. We will give them some information as to what we expect and we will use that time to encourage them as well. This year administration, faculty and staff will be more visible in the surrounding communities as well as directly in the school.”

Vice Principal of T.A. Thompson Junior High School Deborah Thompson said officials from her school have decided to create a “safe zone” so that students feel comfortable in their environment.

“One of the plans that we are going to put in place is to create a nurturing environment for our students,” she said.

“We realize that our students are coming from a lot of challenges, disadvantage and are probably exposed to crime on a regular basis in their neighbourhoods and they are seeing a lot and hearing a lot. As Bahamians we do not love enough, touch enough in a safe way or hug enough so we really want to welcome our students into an environment where they absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that they are loved and they will be well taken care of. We want them to know that they can trust the adults in the environment so we will be creating a safe zone within T. A. Thompson.

She said the aim is for students to know that no matter what they are facing in their homes and communities, when they come to school they have adults that care about them and what happens to them.

“I think that is one of the most powerful and positive things that we’re going to do this year,” Ms. Thompson said.

“We are really going to embrace, more than ever before, students that are coming into our environment.”

Both Mr. Butler and Ms. Thompson were attending the Department of Education’s 2014-2015 Teachers Orientation for the Northwestern District held at Evangelistic Temple yesterday.

During the half day conclave, District Superintendent Howard Newbold addressed the more than 700 teachers in attendance about the focus for the year which includes improving overall performance throughout the schools in the district.

There were also presentations on the school environment, dress code, quality of the instructional programme, relationship building among other topics.

The Northwestern District is one of 14 in the country.

Schools that make up the Northwestern District include Stephen Dillet Primary, Gambier Primary, T.G. Glover Primary, Oakes Field Primary, Woodcock Primary, Albury Sayles Primary, the Centre for the Deaf, T. A. Thompson Junior High, H.O. Nash Junior High, C.C. Sweeting Senior High and C.R. Walker Senior High.

The new school year begins on Monday, September 1.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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