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AC Sales Sky Rocketing

As the country continues to experience the “hottest” summer, air conditioning salesmen continue to boast of increasing sales, as some report that this year they have seen the greatest increase in sales.

So far this year, temperatures as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit, have been recorded, not the typical sub-tropical temperatures; and complaints of the extreme heat have been echoing more than usual among residents.

Meantime, Kool Tech Manager, Derek Sands said the weather, although uncomfortable for consumers, “it is good for business”.

“We have seen a large number of sales. The sales have actually increased due to the hot weather. But I also think it increased because we offered a very good product for a very good price; and I think customers like and appreciate that,” said Mr. Sands.

Mr. Sands noted that the ductless AC units are the most popular on demand.

Quality Home Centre Co-owner Trevor Davis said not only has air conditioning sales accelerated, but other appliances that cater to minimizing the heat.

“There has been quite an increase; not only on the AC units, but only on the Lasko fans. Even with the water coolers for persons going on the beach and having their family picnics this summer. We definitely see an increase in that also. Everything for this summer, we definitely see an increase in sales,” Mr. Davis said.

General Appliance AC Technician Dazzario Gibson admitted that customers at times complain about prices, but he said the thought of having to suffer in the sweltering heat over rides any thought of not purchasing the product.

“Our prices are very good for now, but Bahamian people are shy when they have to spend this large sum of money. But when you assure them that you give them a good warranty, and that this is actually going to decrease your light bill, they buy it,” he said.

Over the last few weeks consumers have been plagued with frequent power outages, which in some instances can mean damage to appliances; including ac units.

Co-owner of Quality Home Centre Trevor Davis said this has not really affected his business, as his customers are advised upon purchasing the ac units to ensure they have surge protection.

However, other businesses would report quite the contrast.

Mr. Gibson from General Appliance said the power cuts have caused a financial loss.

“With all the outages right now it’s actually bad for us because we have to actually have to repeat jobs. We have to use parts that we already replaced because of the outages and the increased power of when they turn them back on sometimes they spike in some areas. This blows a lot of parts. So we have to go back and replace them. That’s taking a hit on our pocket. We have to reimburse the customers,”





Written by Jones Bahamas

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