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“Abaco Dragon Emerges To Cause Confusion”

In the wake of comments by former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham criticizing the current administration’s lack of transparency over the economy this term, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts said he has simply come out of the shadows to cause confusion.

His comments came at a Progressive Liberal Party constituency meeting over the weekend.

“Last week, former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, the mean spirited Abaco Dragon has emerged to add confusion to an FNM campaign marred by intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy.

“It is no mistake that these comments are a part of the FNM’s slop bucket campaign,” Mr. Roberts said.

The PLP Chairman then took Mr. Ingraham to task over the previous FNM administration’s track record saying the former prime minister is not in a position to speak on financial transparency.

“Hubert Ingraham has no credibility on public financing let us put his record to the test. You will recall that the indisputable facts are that he managed to turn a budget surplus into a $500 million deficit in just four years.

“Even though the FNM government collected around the same amount in revenue and dividends from the sale of several strategic assets both private and public and I refer to the BTC, BORCO, South Riding Point and Baha Mar.

“After firing well qualified Bahamian road builders, the Abaco Dragon went on to hire Jose Cartellones Construction Company of Argentina – and you all know the story – the cost overrun on the project was in excess of $100 million, scores of businesses were forced to close and hundreds of Bahamians lost their jobs due to FNM mismanagement.

“The deposed former Opposition Leader Hubert Minnis summed it up after declaring the Ingraham era is over that his FNM government left this country in a wheelchair so Ingraham has absolutely no credibility on government finances. He did a terrible job as minister of finance, creating one big mess that the PLP continues to clean up to this very day.” Mr. Roberts said.

Mr. Roberts also used the platform to hit out the Free National Movement’s Candidate for the island of North Eleuthera Howard “Rickey” Mackey.

“Dr. Minnis’ candidate, the FNM Candidate for North Eleuthera Howard ‘Rickey’ Mackey to date owes the Bahamas government thousands of dollars in customs duties which he committed in writing to pay, but has failed to do so.

“My sources tell me Business licenses fees, vehicle licenses and VAT are long overdue. Old rusting equipment owned by Rickey is a blight on the environment of Harbour Island. The PLP strongly questions Mr. Mackey’s suitability to hold public office, no less the post of Honourable Member of Parliament, if he refuses to or is unable to pay his taxes and to protect the environment on Briland.

“I remind you that the FNM, including the Abaco Dragon, is trying to make public finances a major issue in this election but fielding a bill ducking tax cheating candidate with the weaknesses and deficiencies of Mr. Mackey again calls into question the judgment of Dr. Minnis and the FNM’s candidates vetting process. Further, this revelation also projects a negative light on the FNM as an organization mired in hypocrisy,” Mr. Roberts said.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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