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A Living Nightmare For Inner City Family


Earl Sturrup IV sleeps on a tattered, insect infected, yellow stained mattress every night.

Navigating his Quarry Mission Road home has become like navigating a land mine. Every step he takes must be clearly calculated to avoid falling through pit-like holes in the floor, which are littered with trash.

Portions of his roof are non-existent, exposing the 28-year-old and his 74-year-old father to the elements.

A rusted, inoperable tub and toilet make up the bathroom, but it’s an aging outdoor pump that provides water for daily baths.

For Earl, who has lived in the one-storey wooden structure for 17 years, the living conditions have been a nightmare.

“For a while it was extremely bad, but I had some help in putting up some canvas sheets over the roof to cover my head to ensure that I’m safe and that (my father) is safe,” he told the Bahama Journal yesterday.

To make matters worse Earl claims his father is “quite happy” living in squalor and often “messes up” the area after it is repaired.

“I cleared up this bathroom a while back, but when I buy things to clean the bathroom up he keeps intentionally damaging it,” Earl claims.

The former CC Sweeting alumni does not work, although he admits he did some construction work in the past.

He said he needs a place to stay and would be interested in moving. However, he said also wants to be in a position to take care of his dad.

It was Officer-in-Charge of the Fort Charlotte Urban Renewal Centre Inspector Dencle Barr, who alerted police to Earl’s situation.

His officers, who were working the beat as a part of Urban Renewal 2.0, stumbled upon the home yesterday while looking for crime hotspots.

“Once we saw the conditions they were living in it was rather [heart-wrenching] to us. Our hearts went out immediately to see the conditions that they both have been living under for some time. This is a situation that calls for immediate attention from Social Services perspective,” he said.

“It’s unbelievable, unthinkable and unacceptable and ought to be addressed immediately.”

Head of Urban Renewal 2.0 Superintendent Stephen Dean said officers will notify the relevant agencies as soon as they identify incidents like these.

“A representative from Social Services and the Ministry of Works will come to ensure that the individual does not sleep here tonight. We’ll take all of the steps necessary to ensure that he sleeps in a safe and more secure environment, that his health is being taken care of. This is just a part of what we come across daily as police officers,” he said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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