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According to Pentecostal pastor, Dr. James Davis, more than 90  percent of all religious ministers worldwide have no formal education. Further,  tens of thousands drop out of ministry each year. It is this very reason that gave birth to the Billion Souls Network, which after 15 years is making its way to the Bahamas.

The network, designed for bishops, pastors, apostles, ministries and lay leaders is preparing a three-day launch hub here. The hub is done online through a global hub, which grew out of the global church learning center. With a desire to see more Pastors and local churches playing their role to reach a billion or more souls for Christ, a decision was made to introduce in as many countries as possible to “Launch Hubs.”  

According to Guyanese pastor Ejaz Nabie,  North America is no longer the center of Christianity. It is predicted that by 2035 Africa will become the first Christian continent. Former Christian council president Reverend  Patrick Paul says the end goal of the Billion Soul Network is  to reach the 2.5 million people around the world that have never heard the gospel. 

National Overseer of the Church of God, Bishop Moses Johnson stressed  that the initiative is not about the money. He says, “it  is not about money. For once the church is not about money, this is about souls. We are not trying to make a million dollars, so don’t get that billion confused with money… this organization is about winning souls for the kingdom of heaven…”

Churches that have joined the movement calls themselves a ‘billion soul church’; a bible- believing, Christ- centered, spirit- filled, kingdom-minded, mission- sending church, characterized with prayer. 

The billion soul network is composed of pastors from more than 150 nations, from every chief stream of Christianity.

The three-day event takes place at Grace Community Church. Speakers will include, Rev. Patrick Paul, Dr. James Davis,  Pastor  Lyall Bethel, Bishop Delton Fernander, Bishop Johnson, Pastor Ejaz Nabie  and Rev John Smith of Guyana. There is a registration fee of $100 including breakfast, lunch and all course material. 

The billion souls network is the brainchild of Pentecostal pastor, Dr. James Davis  and  Presbyterian Pastor Bill Bright.

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