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7 murders in 72 hours, CFJ President says something must be done

Another male became the country’s latest murder victim as the murder count nears 30 following an altercation near a nightclub early Monday morning.

Police officials say the man was shot near a business establishment near Saunders Beach, West Bay Street and succumbed to his injuries hours later in hospital.

A suspect is currently assisting police with this investigation.

The murder made number seven in the capital in just 72 hours.

Meanwhile, Citizens for Justice (CFJ) President Bishop Walter S. Hanchell has voiced his suggestions for a solution to the murder and crime issue.

Noting that crime is out of control and increasing almost daily, Bishop Hanchell says the number of persons being lost to senseless killings can no longer be ignored.

“Unless there are consequences for taking a life, murderers will continue to wreak havoc in snuffing out innocent lives. Vigilante justice is rampant because our political leaders do not have the courage or the will to enforce our laws on capital punishment,” he said.

“Things have worsened and while government leaders are silent. The splintered Opposition and sleeping church with politically correct pastors appear to not have a clue on how to resolve this national crisis we face each day. they are either unable or unwilling to open their mouths.”

Bishop Hanchell is urging all politicians to immediately address the “national crisis.”

“Drastic conditions require that drastic measures be taken. The deafening silence of our political leaders and many of our spiritual and civic leaders must end,” he said.

“Crime and murder will be reduced dramatically when our laws are amended or new legislations are passed that will ensure that the death penalty is carried out speedily and long sentences of at least 20 years hard labor be given to any person found in possession of illegal firearms. there must be absolutely no political interference in such matters.”

Members of CFJ are again calling for corporal punishment to be administered to violent repeat offenders.

A country of this size he says should not be experiencing such levels of crime and while it is not a political problem he said, politicians do play a key role in passing laws to curb the crime issue.

“They have sworn to uphold and enforce ALL of our laws but have failed miserably. We need leaders with courage who are not afraid to do the right thing and are not compromised because of votes,” he said.

“While we believe that we should do all in our power to rehabilitate offenders, we are also strong advocates of restorative justice and victim’s rights. As a nation, we must all unite and address the breakdown in the family where we find many of the root causes of crime and poverty.”

The country’s murder count now stands at 27.







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