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50 Years of Success!

The Clifton Review

The Clifton Review is a tri-weekly column that examines the question of the Clifton project along with the evolution of the war between two billionaires, the links to unsavory characters, the use of the courts for personal agendas, the involvement of a political party, and the attacks on the Government of The Bahamas.

We covered the start of this war with articles describing the battle over easement rights, the mysterious burning of a home, the blocks to rebuilding, and countless questionable court filings. This series of articles asks the needed questions and presents the arguments in full.

50 Years of Success!

By P.J. Malone

Fashion mogul Peter Nygard is coming up on 50 years of success in business. What an amazing accomplishment especially given his humble start!

A company webpage stated, “After immigrating from Helsinki, Finland to Deloraine, Manitoba, Canada – the Nygård family lived in an 8′ x 10′ converted shed with NO running water – rags for blankets & only a rusty old stove for heat.”

Imagine going from rags to riches to the tune of 1 billion—which is what has previously been reported as Peter Nygard’s net worth.

Just the other day it was announced that Peter Nygard and partner Dillard’s officially sold their millionth pair of NYGARD SLIMS by Peter Nygard.

According to the company’s press release, the NYGARD SLIMS entered the Dillard’s Stores in 2013 making selling their millionth pair a monumental accomplishment in 3 years. Nygard was said to have travelled to the various Dillard’s Stores connecting with customers and promoting the Nygard fashions.

The coveted NYGARD SLIMS successfully intermixed on-trend fashion and maximum comfort. It has hip and thigh compression features resulting in a significantly slimmer appearance because the SLIMS technology lifts, shapes, curves and sculpts the lower body.

This is every woman’s dream: to be able to wear a trendy fashion that makes one look slimmer. No wonder it’s such a success! Nygard brands are offered in 275 Dillard’s stores across America and at

Peter Nygard appears to be a creative genius in this way and his insight into what’s really important to women in fashion and fit, as well as his effective delivery of it, have paid off handsomely for him.

Women fashions have been around since time immemorial. Yet, it is only now that you have such a product in fashionable women slacks with Nygard’s patented technology that does exactly what women want every pant to do for them.

Experts say that creativity is one of the most important factors in business success. We can see this demonstrated in Peter Nygard’s successful achievements with NYGARD SLIMS.

Nygard also used his creativity in creating Nygard Cay here in The Bahamas. When the Cay was barren, he was said to have sat high up on a structure on one end of the Cay, thinking and imagining and creating his dream in his head.

Peter Nygard took into consideration the direction of the wind, the layout of the land, and the rising and setting of the sun. He took into consideration his desire to have a tree house effect to fulfill his childhood dream of having a tree house. He took into consideration the esthetics and created a way to hide the necessary piping and ugly structures that were needed to make it functional.

Nygard wanted to make it as green as possible and as environmentally friendly as possible. He created the water system that made use of the rain; he reused the water with a multi-level water recycling system. He designed the Cay to have the type of plants to attract particular wildlife to make their home on the island.

Nygard also designed his home in a Mayan temple motif mixed with other creative styling. Some didn’t like his home and the entertainment life it represented. Yet, they can’t deny the genius of bedrooms structured in a way that capitalized on the ocean views and didn’t require air conditioning to stay cool at night and all that he achieved with it.

A number of stars and the rich and famous visited Nygard Cay and loved it!  Then there are the haters of the world.

What can we learn from Peter Nygard and his 50 years of success?

We can learn from Peter Nygard that no matter what you do in life, you are not going to please everyone; and that no matter how much the haters hate, you should always stay focused on your dreams.

That sometimes you can get knocked down in life and your dream smashed to pieces, but no matter what, keep creating, keep building, keep achieving!

Written by Jones Bahamas

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