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$32,000 Outstanding at D.C. Consulate Office

An audited report of The Bahamas Consulate Office in Washington D.C. indicated that over the two year period of July 1, 2016 to June 2018 more than $32,600 remains outstanding. 

Four cheques totaled this amount – three of which did not have a cheque number available.

The description indicated that the cheques were used for “unforeseen expenses regarding transportation to bust unveiling, hotel accommodation on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs and eyelets ordered on behalf of the ministry.” 

The audit also found that funds sent to the Consul Annex for independence celebrations were instead used to defray other expenses. 

In July 2017, $15,000 was sent to the embassy’s operational account.

Subsequently, an amount of $18,000 was inadvertently sent to the Consul Annex for repatriation cost.

It was also determined that the Consul Annex subtracted the $15,000 owed to them for the independence celebration and forwarded the balance to the embassy.

Records from 2016 indicate that a total amount of $25,000 was transferred to the account, donation totaled $21,190.

The amount expended came to over $42,000, leaving a balance of more than $3,700. 

In 2017, the report indicated that $15,000 was transferred to the account, donations equaled $15,975.  

The report noted the importance of the independence celebration as a representation of the country.  Therefore, it suggested that adequate budgeted amounts be sent to the various missions and embassies.

The report added that the budget should be agreed between foreign affairs, heads of foreign services and Ministry of Finance. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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