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3,000 Teachers Vote For New President

Former Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) President Belinda Wilson and Acting President Zane Lightbourne went head to head yesterday as over 3,000 teachers headed to the polls to vote for a new BUT President.


The teachers had two location options to cast their ballots, the first at Walker’s Hall located on Bethel Avenue and the other at the William Thompson Auditorium, Jean Street.


Polls opened around 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, and according to Union Secretary General John Musgrove, the process was moving smoothly despite one minor hiccup.


“This morning the crowd was very enthusiastic however we had a slight hiccup at Williams Hall Jean Street because our labor was a couple minutes late,” he said.


“But that crowd cleared up and we were well on the way. Everything started on time and it seemed as if the teachers were very enthusiastic to vote.”


Acting President Zane Lightbourne told The Bahama Journal yesterday before he placed his vote that he had the confidence in persons who had already seen his work while in the position of acting president.


“I am very confident. I think that God has a hand in these things and he decides when to move and when to put up leadership. He has called me and showed me the signs to be there and with the confidence from the persons I’ve worked with,” he said.


“I’ve been working in the position and teachers can see my heart and can see I am for the betterment for the profession.”


Meantime, opponent Belinda Wilson said she felt confident that she would come out victorious based on what she has seen on the ground in terms of support.


“I feel very good. I’m optimistic. I must say that during my campaign the members have been receptive and the response has been positive towards me and my team members,” she said.


“So I feel good about it and I believe that New Providence is key and once the turn out in New Providence is favorable then I believe that should be able to take me over the top.”


Also on hand for the elections yesterday was BUT’s longest serving President Kingsley Black who said he saw this election as a time for change.


He emphasized his displeasure with Ms. Wilson’s tenure specifically.


“I am grossly disappointed with Belinda’s performance as president. It is my view that she was in over her head,” he said.

“She doesn’t have the requisite experience and qualifications to do a better job as president but she has a lot of skills when it comes to showmanship.”


While he says he believes she had a lot of people fooled, Ms. Wilson says she feels its best the former president take the high road.


“Well the former president if he is former that means he is in the past so if he is in the past then he should take on the diplomatic role and sit small and just be there to give advice to us,” she said.


“Other than being on Facebook and maligning my character and defaming me he needs to get a life.”

Also on the ticket for other positions were the following for Trustee, Mispah Pintard-Munroe, Margaret Major-Albury, Bermencha Simmons, Victoria E. Wilson and for Treasurer Lorraine Knowles and Terez Conliffe.


The process functioned very similarly to that of a general election.


The results are expected to be released sometime this morning by the Department of Labour.

Local and Family Island polls all closed at 5:00 p.m. yesterday.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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