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120 Families Homeless

A father went to sleep not knowing within the next 24 hours a place he once called home for the last five years would be no more.

“All we know is yesterday around six o’clock the owner of this property, both of them were here and they were talking to the people because something was going on since June 10th that people were going to be removed in 30 days,” says resident Joel Pierre.

Mr. Pierre spoke for hundreds of victims of a fire than devastated a Haitian Village off Joe Farringdon Road around 9:00 p.m. Monday.

Mr. Pierre explained, “They did not have a chance to save anything and they do not see it right now, it will be when it’s time for them to sleep and they will realise there is nowhere to go.”

Other residents say the fire started in an abandoned building but do not know.

They believe foul play was involved.

Leading yesterday’s assessment was Superintendent of the Department of Social Services, Wrensworth Butler.

“We are here to assess for persons who may need housing assistance and food assistance,” said Mr. Butler.

Shortly after word of the blaze got out, Member of Parliament for Elizabeth Estates, Ryan Pinder visited the community.

“Whenever you have significant amount of people who have now been displaced, including children it’s a cause for concern, so we’re actively monitoring it,” he said.

He also thanked the government for their help and other organisations for their concerted efforts to lend a helping hand for those who lost everything.

He says that it’s estimated that some 50 homes were burned which indicate the hundreds that were affected.

Mr Pinder also mentioned that he will be working closely with the Embassy of Haiti.

Minister of Social Services Melanie Griffin spoke to the financial aspect of the assessments.

The displaced families will need food and shelter and the funds for this she says is of no concern as The Great Commission, the Salvation Army, Red Cross and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) have all stepped up to the plate.

“With all emergencies and disasters, you know extra funds have to be put out put you thank God for agencies like these who all come together,” she said.

The Red Cross she pointed out agreed to provide those individuals with food yesterday.

“We are able to meet the needs and working together we are able to do the best we can with the level of resources we have,” Minister Griffin said.

Monday night’s fire is reminiscent of what happened last November where 12 families were impacted by a shantytown fire off Faith Avenue.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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